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General Spanish Language Resources

Search Engines
A Spanish language search engine.
“ Donde?”
A Spanish language search engine.
A page from Spain with information on art, science, social science, culture, sports, government and a nice section on language and literature. A web of glossaries with definitions and links for each term. There are even grammar lessons here. All in Spanish.

This site is the companion the textbook Mosaicos. It has a study guide designed to aid
students in their studies. There is also a resource area for professors. In English.
A basic, image-based, vocabulary builder for students.
“ Comp-jugador”
An online verb conjugation tool. Put in the verb and Comp-jugador conjugates it for you in all the tenses.

News & Culture
“ Que Ondas! Guanaquiemos El Salvador”
An El Salvadoran page. Poems, stories, colloquialisms, news, culture, folklore, Salvadoran recipes, sports, etc. All in Spanish.
“ El Sur del Sur”
An English-Spanish site dealing with the cultural identity of Argentina. There is geographic and population information as related to the rest of the world. Historical information, immigrants, etc., indigenous cultures and their art are described by region.
“ Arte y Cultura Mexicana”
Cultural information on food, music, art, a colloquial dictionary, all in Spanish.
A page with a bunch of links to art and culture, business and economics, education and university, government, news, environmental, and tourism sites in the Bolivian web. In Spanish and English.
“ Cultura y Entretenimiento”
An English and Spanish site from Mexico with a resource on pre-Columbian cultures such as the Mexicas, the Mayas, the Olmecs. There is also a gallery of paintings and photography from Mexico.
“ Si, España”
A site with links to cultural and social resources online. General information about Spain may be found here. In Spanish and English.
A Cuban page with news and culture from international, independent, and governmental sources.
“ Museo Virtual de Artes el País”
A virtual online museum of Spanish art. A little time consuming, but interesting nonetheless. All in Spanish.
“ El Colombiano”
A Colombian newspaper all in Spanish.
“ Intervoz”
An Argentine newspaper in Spanish.
“ El Nacional Online”
A Venezuelan newspaper in Spanish.

A Spanish and English online version of the Miami Herald.

Translator and Interpreter Resources
“ Apuntes”
A Spanish newsletter dealing with translation and related issues.

Monolingual dictionaries and glossaries
“ Lista de palabras dudosas o poco usuales”
An all Spanish list of explanations of words that may cause usage problems.
All in Spanish.
The Anaya Spanish monolingual dictionary.
“ The WWLIA Legal Dictionary of legal terms”
An all-English glossary of legal terms.
A glossary of legal terms from “Court TV Online.” All in English.
“ Diccionario resumido de la abogacia y de la Judicatura”
An all-Spanish dictionary of legal terms.

Bilingual Dictionaries
The Activa bilingual Spanish-English dictionary.
Lots of interesting entries in both languages.
“ The International Dictionary Project”
A Spanish-English dictionary. The page is in English.
A Spanish-English dictionary.
A simple Spanish-English “translating dictionary.”
The page is in English.
A Spanish-English site that searches over forty dictionaries. The page is in English. There are also medical and accounting glossaries that let you go between English and Spanish.
A Spanish language site but there are English resources available. There are specialized dictionaries covering such areas as textiles, wine, and art. The more traditional Spanish-English dictionaries are also available at this site.
An English page of Spanish to English military terms.
A Spanish to English glossary of narcotics terms. The page is in English.

Multilingual Resources
A glossary of medical terms in Spanish, English, Dutch, French, Portuguese, and Danish. The page is in English.
“ Term Online.”
A multilingual dictionary with access to many subject areas including law and medicine. The page is in English.
A multi-lingual dictionary with access to many subject areas including law and medicine.
Enormous amounts of information are available here. The Page is in English.
“ Logos”
An online dictionary with access to languages from Abkhazian to Zulu. This site is in English. It gives, in its Wordtheque section, contextual literary examples of the words you enter.
“ A web of on-line dictionaries”
A link to search over 500 dictionaries in many languages every time you search for a word. Also has good language resource links to grammars, glossaries, and specialized dictionaries. The site is in English.

A thesaurus for English, Spanish, and French.
Roget’s Thesaurus on-line.

A site with various bilingual and monolingual dictionaries. Slang dictionaries from Argentina and Costa Rica. A grammar section, computer terms glossaries for translating English computer terms into Spanish, and a Spanglish computer terms glossary are also available.
“ Electric Mercado”
An online book and CD store. The selection is inclusive of the classics and the more contemporary. You can order over the net.